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Kyoto City - booster shots in mid-February without a voucher
Kyoto City residents who received their second vaccine on or before 20th August can try and book a booster appointment at the Miyako Messe conference centre.
Reservations start from 8:30am on Tuesday 8th February, for 5000 slots between the 11th and 20th of the month. As with every other mass vax centre in Kyoto, the vaccine administered is Moderna. Reservations can only be made by phone, and probably only in Japanese. The phone number is 0570-040-808.
No voucher required, but bring some sort of proof of your first and second vaccination.
Kyoto City - voucher delivery schedule
As of 6th February:
People aged 65 or over who received their second shot in July or earlier, AND people aged 64 or under who received their second shot in June or earlier: by 9th February.
People who received their second shot on 20th August or earlier: 17th-24th February.
All other people: approximately six months after receiving their second shot.