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Tokyo Mass Inoculation Center

Itabashi City

Eligibility and general info: The local government has already started shipping out vaccination vouchers for the booster, but they're slotted to be mailed in waves based on when you received your last shot. You -must- have your voucher to make a booster reservation. E.g. if your last shot was between August 8th and August 21st, 2021, your voucher will be mailed on February 3rd, 2022. Note: The Itabashi City website strongly cautions against getting your booster early. They clearly state that doing so will mean you cannot receive your vaccination paperwork (e.g. your vaccination passport, if you have one), as well as result in a bill for the vaccination being sent to you. Vaccination sites:

Meguro Ward

Meguro is mailing out tickets based on a 7 month period. However, there is currently a surplus of Moderna vaccines available. If you are a Meguro-ku resident, at least 6 months have passed since your 2nd shot, and you are fine with receiving a Moderna shot, you can request the ward office to send you your vaccination voucher immediately. See here for details.
Once you get your voucher you can make an appointment in Meguro at any vaccination location. Call 0120-102-654 and press 3 for English and they can set up everything for you. Vouchers are mailed automatically, but f you have not received your voucher within the time period mentioned above visit the Infection Prevention Section. Specifically the COVID-19 Vaccination Section (Grand Conference Room) at the Meguro City Office and they can help you. There is English speaking staff.
(Information valid as of February 6)

Minato Ward

Nishi Azabu International Clinic
You must register before making a reservation. Dates and times can be chosen online. English and Chinese speaking staff are available. The clinic gives both Pfizer and Moderna vaccines at different times, so make sure to choose the appropriate slot.
Royal Ladies Clinic Shirogane Takanawa
Akasaka Odayaka Clinic
Pfizer: Mon, Thu, Fri
Moderna: Tue, Wed

Shinjuku Ward

You must register on Coubic System before making a reservation. Dates and times can be chosen online. The clinic currently is providing Pfizer booster shot only for Shinjuku ward Residents. Please check details instructions on the following site before making a reservation. Language is Japanese only.